• Number 1# servicer in Singapore on Bank of China, DBS and HSBC.
    Licensed fin-tech company.
    Member of TransUnion.
    Entered Indonesia with a 300 million USD NPL portfolio transaction.
    Acquired another 5 NPL porfolios from 3 Clients.
    A total of 1.3 BN USD in debt under management.
    1.1 million customers in five countries.

  • Acquired 7 NPL portfolios 4 from clients.
    Launch of iCollect in-house developed collection system.
    700 million USD in debt under management.
    600 000 customers.

  • Milliken & Craig was awarded Debt Collection Agency of the Year by Bank of China.
    11 March 2016, the acquisition of Milliken & Craig by Collectius was signed.
    Collectius took over Milliken & Craig’s Singapore and Malaysia.
    Collectius became a FinTech Company.

  • Talks commenced about Collectius’ intention to acquire Milliken & Craig.

  • Milliken & Craig became a member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors.
    After visiting Asia, Gustav and Ivar founded Collectius as a debt purchasing company specialising in the Asian market
    Collectius and Milliken & Craig met for the first time in Singapore.

  • CCAS was officially up and running with Milliken & Craig as its Treasurer.

  • Milliken & Craig was invited to be one of the 10 founding members of the Credit Collection Association of Singapore (CCAS).

  • In 8 years, Milliken & Craig secured our 20 major accounts from various industries including but not limited to banking and finance, petroleum, courier services, healthcare and automobile.

  • Milliken & Craig was founded on 12 March 1999
    First contract secured with a key player in Singapore’s telecommunications industry.