Collectius strengthens its presence in SEA through acquisition in the Philippines

Manila, Philippines

Collectius reaches an agreement to purchase CJM Solutions from its current shareholders. The acquisition further strengthens Collectius’ presence in South East Asia.

“This deal is a major stepping stone for Collectius in its strategy to purchase debt and start helping debtors become debt-free also in the Philippines”

Gustav A. Eriksson

The deal combines the local knowledge of CJM Strategic Management Solutions, Inc. with international best practices and debt-purchasing capabilities of Collectius. Collectius is focusing on the South East Asian market with the goal to unburden debtors and to integrate them into a lifestyle free from debt again. PwC is acting advisor to Collectius in its debt acquisitions in the Philippines.

“Collectius is providing the necessary IT, knowledge and capital to our company in order to take it to the next level. I expect us to close the first debt purchase very soon thanks to this investment.”

Ronald Castro

“Backed by a reputable Swedish conglomerate, Collectius has the financial strength and can work swiftly and collaboratively in its deals.”

Mary Jade Roxas-Divinagracia, PwC

Collectius Group:
Collectius Group is a multinational credit management service and asset management company with operation in Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. With nearly two decades of experience in credit management service and purchase non-performing loan portfolios of distressed consumer debt. Collectius vision is help its debtors to become debt free and regain their freedom again. Collectius is funded through its Swiss holding company in Zug, and its largest financier is Stena, which is a Swedish shipping company conglomerate.